Tuesday Townhall – June 30, 2014

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Is it just me or did the last week fly by?…


So now that my summer schedule is rather relaxed due to only taking one summer class, and all my commitments both on and off base having been largely completed, I must confess becoming a blogger has become synonymous with “couch bum.” And you know what?…

I’m loving it! 

Most of the time. 😉


But seriously, how could you not with a couch buddy as cute as this one?

Welcome to my command center -- where the magic happens... or sleep... or silly cat games.

Welcome to my command center — where the magic happens… or sleep… or silly cat games.


In all reality, this summer is a welcome season to stop, slow down, and rest after a crazy, busy year. My fall plans are a little up in the air right now, so I am unsure yet what I will be doing or where I will be past next month, but I am learning to be grateful for this opportunity today to be purposeful with the time I have been given.  Everywhere I turn, I seem to find articles, messages, reminders, art, poems, songs, and voices reminding me to slow down, to live in this moment, to be grateful, to pause, to rest.

For someone who is prone to be anxious, fearful, constantly worrying, prone to be a control freak, and a perfectionist in denial — this is so hard! 


Kelly O’ Dell Stanley over at www.prayingupsidedown.com could not put it more perfectly in such a beautiful graphic display of art:


Found in: This Summer… Lord, Let Me Slow Down and Savor


So what have I found this past week? Here are just a few peaks at what I’ve been into…


From the Blogosphere

I Left My Faith at the Altar 

I’m waiting, maybe for the first time in a long while, for the God up there to whisper a direction to me, to show me some other way because I can’t continue the way things have been. I honestly don’t know what’s going to come. But there’s an ember growing in my heart that says God is not scary and, yes, questions are hard as diamond, tough as steel, but neither the asking or the answers can destroy faith. And deep down, there’s a hardcore seed of belief that’s not leaving, because it’s not mine to throw away anymore. – Kelley Danahy at Adelaster

I stumbled on to this beautiful piece just yesterday. Kelley writes with a courage and vulnerability, I can’t help but admire. She puts into words, what I have struggled with over and over and over.

It Truly is Grace 

You just have to be willing to take chances now and again. Let the vibrant colors thrill you. Stop trying to make out words; listen instead for nuances. Kiss noisily, grasp shoulders and stand close to those you love. Savor delicate flavors, letting them thrill your tongue. Hurry all you want; get where you need to go. But once you’re there, once you finally arrive, linger. Open yourself, even to the pain. Because although the streets are busy and crowded, they run in both directions. And when you open to let out the pain, good things come rushing in. – Kelly O’ Dell Stanley at The Art of Praying Upside Down

So apparently not only does she design beautiful graphic art, but her writing is a beautiful expression of the human soul. This story will touch your heart, as she shares of her journey with grief. The sights, the sounds, the emotions — she has a way of making the words come alive so that you feel like you are right there next to her glimpsing life through her eyes. Its breathtaking. Remember how I said I keep seeing the message everywhere to slow down and take it all in?…

A Celebration of Blogging

Sometimes, I think, in the push to become more and better, to have bigger platforms and wider audiences, we forget about the bravery of this simple thing: coming back again and again and hitting Publish. This matters. This is worth noticing. This is a kind of spiritual discipline all of its own — showing up, writing, even when you feel like you have nothing worthwhile to give or to say. – Addie Zierman at How to Talk Evangelical 

This is the culmination of a blogging specific series I followed all week. As a new focused writer in this blogging world, I have ventured into a whole new realm of building my own site, learning how to run it, not to mention challenging myself to write on a completely different level of consistency then say… every 2-3 months? So when Addie can put together a series like this that is not only extremely helpful and informational, but also puts purpose and passion to the madness through words like “spiritual discipline” I know that I am home.


A Ted Talk Worth Watching:

How to Make Hard Choices

Drifters allow the world to write the story of their lives. They let mechanisms of reward and punishment — pats on the head, fear, the easiness of an option — to determine what they do. So the lesson of hard choices reflect on what you can put your agency behind, on what you can be for, and through hard choices, become that person. – Ruth Chang

This ted talk started off slow for me, but as I continued to listen and wait for where she was going with her thoughts on hard choices, I was well rewarded when she hit me between the eyes with the statement above. I will let her talk stand on its own, but she managed to bring my vulnerable self screaming to the surface as I think about the number of “hard choices” I have let fear make the choice for me. Fear of others, fear of the unknown, fear of change — surely whatever option entailed being the least scary, the least risky, the least controversial was the best option? I should know by the mere fact that I am sitting here blogging that its not.

So what are you in to this week?

Townhall meetings aren’t as fun when I am the only one talking, as much as Taylor in Stars Hollow would like to believe they are…

  •  What have you found in the blogging world this week that spoke to you? Or what have you been writing. Post a link below in the comments and tell me a little about yourself.
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  • What about this idea of slowing down? How do you find ways to slow down and to rest?
  • What about hard choices? What are some hard choices you have had to make? Do you tend to be purposeful about the hard choices you make, or do you let others or fear or what’s easy make the decision for you?


I can’t wait to hear what you have to share!


  • Thanks for the shout-out here and the kind words about my series! So glad that it resonated with you! Looking forward to exploring your site a bit more. 🙂

    • Thanks for checking the site out. For us newbies, I know I appreciate all the help I can get 🙂

  • Kelly Stanley

    Kallie, such kind words absolutely made my day. Thank you… Looking forward to learning more about you!

    • Thank you Kelly. Your work is truly beautiful. Thanks for coming to check the site out. 🙂