Tuesday Townhall — A Week of Lessons

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Dear Readers,

I have a shorter number of links to share this week. It has been a busy day filled with family stuff and a teething puppy. Heaven help me if she finds another shoe. This puppy training gig is no joke.

But then you find her sleeping so sweetly like this for once in her bed, and you wonder how are you exactly supposed to stay angry?




I just have to remind myself that we have a border collie puppy on our hands who has lots of wiggles and energy she just needs to get out of her. 😉


Alright what I did find for you all this week is below. Check it out.

On Faith

These writers touched me in small ways and big ways this week, pulling at my heart strings and causing me to ponder yet again why I still feel drawn to a life of faith; yet also knowing how different it will look compared to my past.

Expanding the Ways We Experience God

I think what trips some of us up is the all-or-nothing approach—the idea that if you don’t experience your faith the way you always have, then it’s broken, or worth walking away from. Every relationship changes, and it makes sense to me that our relationships with God change, too, as we grow up and change. ~ Shauna Niequist

Why This Evangelical is Grateful for the Mainline Church

 It would be easy to criticize Lane and Evans—and me—for church hopping. It might look from the outside as though we are consuming church in much the same way we consume food from a restaurant or clothes from the mall. We pick and choose according to our liking.

And yet, as our family finally settles in—I hope, I pray—to our long-term church home, I’m grateful for the years of bouncing around. ~ Amy Julia Becker



On Beautiful Strength

In the book of James, Ch. 1, Verse 27 it says this: “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” (NLT) I thought of this verse when I read these posts this week. It wasn’t just the beauty they found amidst hardship or uncertainty or fear or worry — it was how they found ways to both learn from and embrace the moments of life they found themselves in.

This is Ace

We have dreamed and laughed together about this new life we are entering. And we have remembered that, really, this is not a new life at all. It’s simply the road we’ve been walking all along, and we just didn’t know it yet. That’s how grace usually works, isn’t it? ~ Micha Boyett

The Day I Bought Steak With My Food Stamps

Not everyone has a story like ours. But not everyone has our advantages, either: the advantage of knowing that life isn’t supposed to be like this, that fresh fruits and veggies are important, that debt isn’t normal, that work is normal, that reading books is important, that family can be depended on, that kids need structure and order, that marriage and monogamy are normal. ~ Simcha Fisher


On Things I Am Looking For

These posts this week inspired me with something to look forward to and work towards. Shauna’s words about how a new level of “growing up” occurs where your heart starts to settle and grow comfortable in it’s own place, likes, dislikes, and style so encouraged me. I am working towards that. First I had to let myself acknowledge the fact that I hadn’t ever really considered my own wants, or wishes, or questions and I have been learning how to give myself that space needed to grow and learn. Now however, I want to grow into a newer, more confident, and more peaceful season. With that though I also know it is often a wishful trend of mine to rush on to what is next without being grateful for where I am and learning all that I need to learn. So my hope is to learn all I can from where I am now, but if there is a narrowing and a settling that comes through this process, I am looking forward to that too.

With that in mind, I have found myself in this stage of reconsidering what I have and how and why I collect items and organize them. I think it speaks more about myself, my likes, or my lack of understanding on what I like and do not like that I have previously realized. I think if one looked through my closet and my house, the potpourri mixture of styles and items one would find would reveal that I have been searching to find myself and my style for awhile. I think this is why a simpler form of organization and conscience living speaks so deeply to me right now.

On Narrowing

There’s a narrowing that takes place as you grow up, I think—you leave more and more behind: things other people want you to be, things you thought you might want to be, ways of living that never did actually fit, like shoes that are a little too tight. ~ Shauna Niequist


8 Reasons Successful People Are Choosing To Wear The Same Thing Everyday

We are a society drowning in our possessions. People are looking for freedom and rescue. They are searching for new solutions. No wonder the capsule wardrobe movement continues to grow.

Those who adopt minimalist principles in their wardrobe choices are discovering more productivity, less stress, less distraction, less expense, and more peace. ~ Joshua Becker


I am in the last few weeks of final papers and projects for my classes this semester. I find myself tired and easily distracted, so I am forcing myself to make this post short this week and to not spend hours gathering more. There is an end in sight and I need to focus in to finish well. I hope this Tuesday finds you all well and I am looking forward to the summer break, where I can write more and work on some of these house/clothes organizing projects I have been planning.

What are you planning for your summer? I would love to hear!


Until next week,