Tuesday Townhall

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Hey Everyone,


It is late and it has been a long day, but I still wanted to get over here and share some thoughts from others that are too good to not share.

If nothing else, I don’t make it through my week without finding these voices I need to remind me, to encourage me, to inspire me…

It feeds my soul.

It keeps me sane.

It reminds me that I am not alone.


New Songs

But we’ve been showing up for nearly six months now, and so it is a different sort of beauty I encounter on Sunday mornings these days—the beauty of familiarity, of sweet routine….

It is a season of new songs.

It is a season of receiving, of being loved just for showing up. ~ Rachel Held Evans

I think one of the most beautiful things about Rachel’s voice and life, is the genuine faith that comes out of her not just because of her work and her expertise (both of which I greatly value) but because of the journey she has taken to hold on to faith and church with all of herself — mind and soul. Even if it has been difficult, she has chosen to bravely pursue the hard questions and to be honest with herself about her faith, even when that meant living without answers. Reading her works and following her blog for almost two years now I have seen these aspects of her heart, faith, and voice reappear over and over. She continues to teach me about this journey of clinging on to faith with everything you can grasp, while also finding the courage to let go of a need for certainty and to learn how to free-fall with grace and integrity. Her new book on Church is already on my pre-order list, and I have loved to start reading about her journey into finding a new church home. This post gives a glimpse into what that is like. As someone who has yet to find my way back to one, but still feels lost without one — it gives me hope that maybe one day I will find my way home again.


This is What Brave Means

We have to teach our children (and ourselves) that caution is often a sign of courage. That often NO is as brave an answer as YES.  ~ Glennon Melton

Glennon Melton is a mother of mothers. She embraces authenticity, vulnerability, and imperfection in a manner so fearless and brave that I have to listen when she speaks up about what it means to be brave. You may have already seen this one making its rounds through Facebook, and the blog world — but if not, it is a MUST READ.


Women in Bikinis

There wasn’t any hiding behind oversized t-shirts or cover-ups. No posing on the dock or the sand with a perfectly bent arm on our hip to reduce arm-fat with an elevated smart phone for a filtered selfie. Just a group of women in the water, wearing bikinis like their bodies were nothing to be ashamed of. Imagine that. ~ Sarah Bessey

Sarah Bessey, another favorite woman and author, whose voice continues to give me freedom to be me. Her book Jesus Feminist changed my life. Some of you may remember a story I shared about my childhood and swim attire. This post by Sarah this week, reminded me all too well of the diminished view of myself, my body, and of men that I had for a long time. Freedom from that shame and guilt does more than lift someone’s head or give them an ability to be confident rather than self-conscious; it frees us to know that we can be loved and appreciated simply for who we are.


Sermon on “Us” and “Them”

But the Gospel is only good news if it is good news for everybody. And man, is that hard to swallow.

But strangely, it really is good news that there is no room to boast. Meaning, all our attempts to put ourselves in the place of God are thwarted because we get the place of God wrong. If we think that “the place” of God is one of domination and divisions, we’ve not been paying attention. ~ Nadia Bolz Weber


Nadia has a gift for sermons. She has a way with speaking words that pierce right into your heart. Why is that some times those of who claim to know “God” so well become clueless to how much we assume to know God’s thoughts and heart towards someone else. We assume to know their eternal destiny is in question, while we are sure of ours. We assume to know the substance and value of someone else’s relationship with God, while unaware of glaring inconsistencies with ours?

Having your faith rocked suddenly makes you uncannily aware of how easy it was to assume, make snap judgements, and to write people off for this incident or that behavior. I look back and I see who I was as a young girl coming out of high school, with very defined categories of “us” and “them,” and I just want to reach back and give that girl a hug and say, “Girl you are brave and loved just for who you are, not for any of these people you believe you have to keep happy.”


So that’s a few goodies for this week.


  1. What about you?
  2. What have you found worth sharing this week?
  3. Any link or author you want to honor this week?


Until next week,