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Hey Everyone,



My life has turned a bit crazy this week, so bear with me as I try to juggle it all. I have pushed pause on my Finding Feminism series for last week and this week. I just have some personal and family stuff that I need to focus on, and then I will be back shortly with more to share. I will also be delaying starting up my new weekend series, so look for more on that soon. I promise!

In the meantime this week’s Townhall is going to be short and sweet. I have a few articles I came across over the last crazy week, that I of course wanted to share, and in the meantime I would love to hear from some of you all! Have you found anything this past week you want to highlight, any voices you want to honor or share?

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Bloggers Worth Following:


Why I Avoided Christians Who Lost Their Faith

I decided to stop writing these doubters off. In fact, once I stopped long enough to hear their doubts and listen to their stories, I realized that I shared many of the same doubts.

The thing I feared most finally happened: I had to face my doubts about the Bible and my Christian faith.

That led to a five-year journey where I continued to ask tough questions. I took on the issues that others brought to me, and examined every question or fear I’ve ever been too afraid to ask about the Christian faith.

This post both convicted and encouraged me because I was that person, who distanced myself and judged anyone who fell off the well-trod path, who dared to question the norm… and then I became that person myself. I still find myself in that questioning season, so I so appreciate someone who shares their journey through it.


The Blizzard of Oz

Not everyone jumps right into motherhood with a smile on their face.  Some do.  And some go in kicking and screaming.

This post was written by a dear friend of mine, who is one of the bravest women I know. She runs marathons and is the woman I give the most credit to for teaching me how to run and how to love it. I also love her because she is one of the most loving, joyful, and real people I have been blessed to know. This post shares the hard truth about some of her journey into motherhood, which was nothing like what most expect or told her to prepare for. Her baby is the cutest boy ever, and I have loved hearing her heart about this journey into a new phase of her life that has been far from easy. Townhalls are about honoring those voices we see bravely sharing their Untold Stories, and this is a beautiful one to share.


An Article Worth Reading:


On Balancing Career and Family as a Woman of Color

My anxiety about managing work and family has been continually exacerbated by the feeling that I couldn’t talk about it, a feeling that was reinforced whenever I did try to talk about it.

This post was challenging to read. I always appreciate reading different perspectives from women with different experiences than me, as I am trying to relearn how to open my life to learn from others, to appreciate different and unique experiences, and to stand with others who before I would have never known, misjudged, or ignored altogether. Growing up I lived in a very, small community of white, Christian conservatism. It was pervasive in forming how I viewed everything and anyone different than me. I surrounded myself with people who agreed with me and lived similarly so I never had to feel the discomfort of ignorance, vulnerability, or fear that I might somehow be wrong or that someone else might be right.

Living that way though proved to be far more painful, as maintaining that strongly controlled image and culture often meant hiding my own self when it didn’t match up to the expected norms. It never allowed for learning new perspectives, changing, and developing as a person. We were all just supposed to line up and turn out according to the cookie-cutter mold. So because life determined otherwise, it has been a long journey of re-learning everything about where I came from, what I believed, and what kind of person I had become through those experiences. Now that I am purposely seeking to be more honest, more vulnerable, more open, and to embrace being the real version of myself I have come to greatly appreciate voices like these that teach me along the way.

I also really appreciated her thoughts on balancing a career and family, as that too is something I struggle to find my way with both now and in thinking about the future.

So as I said, for this week, it’s short and sweet. I just wanted to share a few things with you, and next week I will be back to share plenty more!


In the meantime…


  1. What have you been writing about lately? Link to it in the comments, as I would love to read it.
  2. Two of today’s links centered around family and motherhood, how do you manage your family/life/work balance? What key lessons have you learned along the way to help you manage both your own experiences against that of expectations you feel pressure to meet, whether they are from within your family and close social circles or from society at large?
  3. For those of you who are bloggers, how do you manage making time for consistency and creativity in writing, while also making time for family, work, and life?