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Hey Everyone.


It is college and graduate students everywhere dreaded time of the semester. Finals week. I’ve got one down and one final paper to go, a final week of work at my internship to complete, and another two weeks of work at my other job. Then winter break, time with family and friends, and my long-awaited final reunion with my husband after 4.5 months of living apart will finally be here! Needless to say I can not get these next two weeks to go by fast enough!

Today’s townhall will be a short one as far as links, as there were a couple of links out there I found that needed to be shared, but even more so there is a story of my own that I needed to share too.


Confession and Me 

Confession isn’t “to feel miserable”, as Yancey says, it’s to know that I am in need and that He is in love. ~ Ben Moberg at A Deeper Story


Ben’s writing always captures me. He is a fellow sojourner a ways down the road in front of me on this path of shifting faith and struggling for a new and deeper one. I have appreciated his voice of experience, grace, and wisdom so much over the past few years, as I have tried to find my way. This week’s post over at a Deeper Story is no different. Confession in the faith world, particularly the Christian world I grew up on has its own reputation — particularly a negative one often associated with shame and guilt. Ben reminded me though that confession with the right perspective and the right audience is actually a beautiful thing that entails vulnerability, courage, and grace.

We can keep so much locked up inside.

I know I do.

A little bit of confession will do a soul a world of good.

Not the confession that is lip service or routine with no thought or intention of change. Not the confession that is guilt driven, duty-bound, or shame-induced with no understanding of mercy, grace, or forgiveness.

No confession, that understands we all have beauty and brokenness inside us, can reach out knowing that truth– yes even bringing our worst mistakes, fears, or deeds to light — when trusted into the right hands will always bring hope, acceptance, and growth.


So in that light, I also created this site and the Townhall posts to be a safe place to share. We all have those people in our lives that should be the first and safest place we always share our lives and stories, but once we feel brave to venture beyond — this is what Untold Stories is all about. 

So I have one of my own that when I read the link below I knew it was time to share.


Stay Low, Stay Low, Go Slow

I want women in my world who walk long and strong. I want to journey with women who have hearts set on a Hope and a future that is more beautiful than we can imagine, but feet that walk slowly.

There are seasons in which to run and there are women who need to run. I’m just not one of them. ~ Idelette McVicker


These words made me ache. They have a way of jerking the door open and revealing those secrets I have been wrestling with and fighting from haunting me for several months now. I’ve had my own confession’s to my trusted audience in the past few months — which always helps but some things take their own time to heal despite how much we acknowledge or ignore them.

Idelette’s words have a beautiful and spiritual meaning that I too want and understand — however they have an even deeper and more literal meaning for me too.

This is where my story comes in, and not to be a cliff hanger — but I am short on time (as many of you can already see this is late) so I will be posting my story separately on Thursday. Today is a full day and I’ve got to get to work. So I will be back tomorrow to share…


The Rest of the Story. 


In the meantime: I would love to hear your thoughts on these links or to hear something you have been writing about!

Also it sounds like SheLoves Magazine has some great stuff going on this week, so make sure to check it out!