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Good Afternoon Readers,


Hope this Tuesday is proving to be a lovely day for you all.


Mine has proven to be a somewhat productive, somewhat lazy day. Is there such a thing?



My morning was pretty productive, as I got up and went to Yoga class. Today we did Yoga outside and it was a completely beautiful and different experience than normal. I loved feeling the breeze in my face and hearing the birds chirp in the trees overhead, as I focused on pausing, breathing, and simply being. This is why yoga is so good for me. It is a physical exercise that forces me to pause in a way nothing else quite does.


After Yoga I had the privilege of interviewing a professor from a different university and entirely different program of study than mine for a class project I am working on via Skype. It is amazing how technology has extended our means of connecting, learning, and networking in higher education and throughout the workforce. Being a military spouse often in remote or unusual locations and with our tendency to move frequently, I have become very familiar with availing myself of services like Skype and FaceTime to not only connect with those I love, but also to maintain activity and relevancy in my work and school environments.


But with that productivity also comes the confession that I spent most of my afternoon binge watching Lifetime’s newest TV Show UnReal.

As someone who got hooked into watching ABC’s Bachelor and Bachelorette a long time ago, yes another confession — (its like a train wreck, you can’t help but watch it…) this has taken the obsession to a whole different level. Suddenly the shows you watch and often scoff at thinking “this is so fake and scripted,” have a whole new meaning, as you watch the participants being played like puppets behind the scenes for those few seconds of good “drama.”

Ok so maybe I need to get a life, but hey if you find yourself watching ABC’s shows, make sure to check out UnReal… it is definitely unreal!


So this week’s links…


I have a few for you here that are definitely worth checking out.


I continue to follow the homeschooling and homeschool alumni’s response to the Duggar scandal, as it has brought to the forefront so many issues about the world I grew up in that I believe need to be talked about.


I also found some interesting links on parenting resources this week for those of my readers with children. I am one of those people always bookmarking and saving these for someday myself, but figure there are some readers out there who would connect with them right now.


Last but not least, I found some links from some strong women who need to be heard. Whether it is on blogging and writing in today’s internet driven, 2-second span of attention world; or the tendency of women everywhere to apologize for themselves and everyone else, myself included; or the avalanche of critique women can bring on themselves by standing up and speaking out on controversial issues — these are some voices worth listening to and learning from.


I know I am.


Thoughts Worth Reading,

Voices Worth Sharing


Homeschool or Public School — What’s Worse?

I think it ultimately comes down to children’s rights. If the needs of children are seen as being important and the voices of children are seen as being important then both homeschooling and public schooling must work to improve the experience of kids who struggle, live with few resources, and who have seen and dealt with hardship beyond their years. There are cracks in both systems and there should be no “throwaway” children in either. Pointing fingers does nothing to erase what is going on for these kids. ~ Heather Doney


What Sexual Abuse Counseling Can Do to Help You

Counseling is not a shameful option, and it is not an un-Christian option. It is a way to empower you to accomplish your goals in mental health, wellness, and more. ~ Stephanie Adams


What Overparenting Looks Like From a Stanford Dean’s Perspective

Too many of us do some combination of overdirecting, overprotecting, or over-involving ourselves in our kids’ lives. We treat our kids like rare and precious botanical specimens and provide a deliberate, measured amount of care and feeding while running interference on all that might toughen and weather them. But humans need some degree of weathering in order to survive the larger challenges life will throw our way. Without experiencing the rougher spots of life, our kids become exquisite, like orchids, yet are incapable, sometimes terribly incapable, of thriving in the real world on their own. Why did parenting change from preparing our kids for life to protecting them from life, which means they’re not prepared to live life on their own? ~ Julie Lythcott-Haims


When You Want to Thrive Instead of Just Barely Survive

You don’t think about how you can open your mouth and let the sharp side of your tongue tear the innards out of a soul —-

and there’s no way you can stuff the whole bloody mess back.

No matter the jarring, a jar of fresh water can’t spill filthy water. When you’re upset, you upset what’s really in you. ~ Ann Voskamp


Why I’m Coming Back to Blogging

Where else is there such a powerful reader/writer connection — a conversation, a call to interaction, a buffet of topics and ideas and thoughts and insights? It’s an invitation into the living, breathing, fighting, wild, loud, raucous international family of humanity. It’s the coolest thing. ~ Addie Zierman


Note to Self: Stop Apologizing

Because hiding our gifts is not humility, but giving in. It’s giving in to the critical, unhappy voices all around us that want us to hide that light under a bushel, keep the seed in the packet and not plant it, leave the seedling thirsty rather than water and feed it because we’re so afraid someone else will get crowded out by its shade. ~ Anne-Marie Heckt


Hate Mail and the Good Christian Woman

Good Christian women certainly do not write hate mail, and heaven forbid they should act or speak in a way that warrants receiving it.

And yet, when a good Christian woman steps outside the bounds of her prescribed social or political boundaries, when she dares to speak or act without permission from those setting the status-quo agenda, watch out. And get ready for an avalanche of vitriol. ~ Leah Kostamo



So what about you? What spoke to you this week? I would love to hear!