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Hey Everyone,

As some of you may have noticed, it has now been two weeks, and last Tuesday came and went without much said here. That is because Spring Break hit, family came into town, nice weather appeared, and all my planning went out the window.

So for those of you who missed me last week, thanks and nice to know someone likes to read these. For anyone who didn’t notice well, I’m not gone yet. 😉 For those of you who do not find my sporadic blogging to be that amusing, well I can recommend some awesome faithful bloggers to you. One day maybe I’ll get there. 😉

In the meantime I have a bunch of great links and voices to share below and I am working on another piece on my latest topic — women and our roles — I just haven’t quite figured out all that I want to say yet. So look for that to come out sometime soon!

If you are like me, grab a cup of coffee and find a comfy seat, as I have plenty for you to check out this week!

On Living Out Christianity and the News

Normally on the Townhall, I go through and give my thoughts on each piece and how that particular piece spoke to me, but this week I am going to shake things up a bit. Two of these articles below address a common social issue currently seen blowing up across our Facebook feeds, Twitter Feeds, News channels, and more. This issue is near and dear to my heart, because it hurts to see certain sectors of Christianity and conservative religion capitulating yet again to using legislation to determine who is worthy of service and who is not. It all feels eerily close to Plessy v. Fergueson and the debillitating doctrine of “Separate-but-equal.” For anyone new reading my blog, feel free to check out my story under the “About This Site” tab, but there and in several posts I have made it pretty clear what my views are concerning the LGTBQ community and that I am here to lend a voice to support them. What I find to be particularly telling of this issue, is that it is not just voices like mine or Rachel Held Evan’s (a well known progressive Christian voice supporting LGBTQ rights) that are questioning Christian support of laws like Indiana has passed and up for passage in other states as well. It is also voices like Nate Pyle, who admits to still supporting a traditional belief concerning marriage and yet finds this legislative action to be the very antithesis of the service and love that Christ asked of anyone who followed Him.

And when the world sees Christians hurting rather than helping such people, in the name of political gain, our testimony is profoundly diminished.

We have lost the way of Jesus when we are more committed to self-preservation than service, more occupied with waging war than washing feet. ~ Rachel Held Evans

When I listen to outcry surrounding Indiana’s new law, I hear frustration with us, Christians. The outcry is about the law, it’s about us. It’s a fear that we will discriminate. And it is a fear based on a history that, whether we like it or not, is ours. ~ Nate Pyle


On Creativity

These links below are each unique, but they each reminded me of the importance of discovering, harnessing, cherishing, and making space for creativity in our lives.

The first is an education blog I have started to follow. I am interested in education blogs now because I am starting to dip my toes into the world of Substitute Teaching. As a military spouse who is trying to attempt to picture life beyond graduation from my master’s program, teaching is a potential career move that although somewhat a deviation from my educational track thus far, would actually lend me some flexibility to moving around with this military career. So for that factor alone, it is worth considering. Beyond that I have always loved school, and the thought of getting the chance to maybe help someone else find that joy I had is also definitely something to consider. So in this process, I am trying to look beyond the norm of subbing = babysitting to think about the students I encounter and try to be creative in A) holding their attention and B) encouraging their passion for learning. So to the blogging world I went for inspiration. You know there is a blog out there for everything. 😉 At any rate, this post in particular spoke to me as it reminded me of the importance of practice makes perfect, and that some things can only be learned by first failing and trying again.

The second, is again on organization, but in what might be considered a strange thing for me to post on — organizing kids toys. Believe it or not, I actually helped my sister do this just last month at our family home. It’s amazing the amount of toys Grandma’s house can collect after 30 plus years and 9 kids. 😉 Needless to say we had a fun walk down memory lane going through all those old toys. It also reminded me though of something I am thankful for, and that is how my childhood simple as it was, did encourage me to learn to use my imagination. Yes there are aspects of my childhood that I wouldn’t recommend or repeat. Even my parents wouldn’t either, and the proof is in all that my siblings do now that I never did. But even so, there were some treasures there too. Like the ability to read for hours, as there wasn’t tv or video games to while my time away with. Like the ability to build forts and houses and imaginary stories outside with some sticks, a shovel, and a rake. In today’s world, where the Walmart aisle of toys makes you want to clamp your eyes shut and check to see if you are spinning because you feel like you got thrown into a kaleidoscope of too many choices…. (ok that was a bit dramatic, but still you get my point) — having so many choices isn’t always the answer for the moment. Sometimes limits and less options for even just a season like this blogger is doing, helps us to realize what is really important and even something possible that we never would have imagined before.

Lastly, the third is a Ted Talk I watched today that has now hit my favorite list. This lady is a real class act, and funny too! From what she endured as a young child, to the successful business she built with women around her stunted by a very real glass ceiling, to caring for her family and a special needs child, to losing her child, and to spending her wealth purposefully as a philanthropist who cares — this woman has truly built a life worth saving. She was creative, when she had very little to work with in terms of resources and social support, and look at what she built from it. She reminded me of just the kind of woman I want to be — a woman who is not afraid of hard work, who wants to build a life with meaning in it, and a woman dedicated to making her family better and the world around her.

This isn’t to suggest that quality doesn’t matter. It’s just that there’s value in sitting down and getting something out whether it’s good or not. A part of how you learn to write is just crafting a ton of words. A part of how you learn to draw is busting out a pencil and sketching stuff out. ~ John Spencer

All this is really the simple idea of lovely limitations—when you don’t have all the options you’d like, you make do with what you have. And as you make do, you discover that you don’t really miss those things you wish you had.

Limits foster creativity. Limits temper our spirit that cries out for more. Limits breed contentment. ~ Tsh Oxenreider

All that I am stems from when I got onto a train in Vienna, part of the Kindertransport that saved nearly 10,000 Jewish children from Nazi Europe. …But I’ve done more in the seven decades since that miserable day when my mother put me on the train than I would ever have dreamed possible. And I love England, my adopted country, with a passion that perhaps only someone who has lost their human rights can feel. I decided to make mine a life that was worth saving. And then, I just got on with it. ~ Stephanie Shirley


On Habits and Hacks

Last but not least, some tidbits for those of you on a spring cleaning mission. The weather is so beautiful lately, its getting close to the time to switch out seasonal clothing, and these are some great tips to share now that spring has finally arrived.

Check out these great organizing tips if you are like me and always looking for ways to simplify. I am far from organized in all areas of my life, but the areas in my life where I am more organized and disciplined have shown me enough favorable results (my school, previous jobs, certain rooms in my home, etc.) that I believe I should work on it in the areas where I see it lacking.

Who would have thought? I won’t spoil the fun, just scroll through these fun pictures to realize some of your greatest fashion fears can be cured by some everyday items around your home.



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