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I can’t believe I am already on my last week of summer break. Summer break flies by fast for us Grad Students taking summer classes, but still it is fun to think about the fact that this will not only be my last summer taking classes for the foreseeable future, but also my last graduate classes I will be taking for my program. After these, I am going to be transitioning into solely focusing on writing my Thesis. At this point, I have to say all I feel is excitement for these to be completed and to say adieu to the daily homework grind. But before that occurs, I will be spending my summer studying a class on principles of emergency management and another class on civil society and nongovernmental organizations — should be interesting.


Meanwhile, I have found several great reads and voices worth hearing for you over the last few weeks. This past week the Townhall took a back seat as I recovered from taking sick the entire holiday weekend, and so this week’s Townhall will include links I had saved for that one.

This week’s links cover quite the gamut.


I always try to choose voices and words that speak to me, challenge me, and connect with me right where I am at in life. I hope you find one that does the same for you.


You will see some more thoughts and responses to the Duggar scandal, as well as thoughts on how to educate children and guard against child abuse. (If you want to hear my thoughts, be sure to check out my new series here.)

You will see some musings on living out faith publicly and personally.

You will see some thoughts on not waiting for permission to live your life and others that encourage you to think about what kind of life you want to live.

Last but not least, I linked to some great resources on research surrounding marriage and the sharing of household chores, as well as some cute and refreshing ideas for hostess gifts.

I don’t always think of taking a hostess gift with me. I think it might be kind of a lost art, but these are such beautiful and refreshing ideas to consider for bringing the art back.

As always I would love to hear from you on anything you’ve been writing on or responses, thoughts, or questions you have in response to my shares.


This Week’s Voices Share…



I Could Have Been A Duggar Wife

Unlike most of the writers covering the Duggar sex scandal, I was raised in Advanced Training Institute (ATI), the fundamentalist Christian organization with which the family is affiliated. Joshua Duggar’s confession of sexually molesting young girls in his family’s home when he was a teenager didn’t surprise me, nor should it surprise anyone with any intimate knowledge about this organization, because ATI’s theological beliefs and practices cultivate an environment where women and children are more vulnerable to rape and sexual abuse. ~ Brooke Arnold


Why We Don’t Keep Secrets in Our House 

When a child knows his body safety rules and feels empowered to say no to inappropriate touch and to keeping secrets, it communicates to a potential predator that the child is off limits. And when friends or child care providers see the Body Safety Rules hanging in our kitchen, it’s obvious to them that sexual abuse prevention is on our radar. A conversation is usually quick to follow, sometimes it’s comfortable and other times it’s just plain awkward. But I simply have to ask myself, am I willing to have a moment of awkwardness with someone in order to have my child’s back and keep him safe? The answer is always, without a doubt, Yes. ~ Melissa M.


When Mean, Scared, Scary People Have Stolen My Jesus

The saddest thing about the rise of angry, fear-generated Christian leadership, is that it has nearly obliterated for millions and millions of people, the incessant hope at the core of the real Gospel and replaced it with doom-and-gloom prognosticating about when the end is coming and sin-shaming propaganda about who is excluded from the afterparty.

That’s all so much smaller, so much more petty, and so much less wonderful than what’s really being offered to humanity. ~ John Pavlovitz


Keep Walking

The words find me again and again.

I don’t know how to be healed.

Keep walking.

I don’t know how to save the ones I love.

Keep walking.

I don’t know what to do next.

Keep walking.

Ok. ~ Micah J. Murray


Everyone Needs a Permission Advocate

If we wait for permission from an outside source to act on some of the things that God is stirring in our soul—or wait until we are no longer internally scared or insecure or doubting about our abilities—I firmly believe we will be waiting a long, long time. ~ Kathy Escobar over at SheLoves Mag.

A Life Worth Waking Up For

Does exercise result in more productivity? Absolutely. But only a man or woman who takes pride in their life and their choices desire more productivity for it. ~ Joshua Becker


What Will You Be Remembered For?

We are all many things. We all do many things. We will do many more things throughout our lives. Yet, when we are gone, most will primarily remember only one of them. They will pick from the lot and remember you as that. What they pick will, in their mind at least, be all that you are. Therefore, it is our job to ask ourselves with all the things we allow ourselves to do, with each and every one, ‘Is this something I want to be remembered for?’ ~ Patrick Rhone


The Difference Between a Happy Marriage and Miserable One: Chores

The couples in our study who lacked clarity on what, when, and how household tasks and responsibilities would be carried out often said thatthey felt drained and rushed and had difficulty communicating their dissatisfaction in their lives. Spouses who appeared to have a clear andrespectful understanding of one another’s roles and tasks, in contrast, did not spend as much time negotiating responsibilities; their daily lives seemed to flow more smoothly. ~ Wendy Klein, Carolina Izquierdo, & Thomas N. Bradbury


10 Garden Fresh Hostess Gifts That Don’t Suck

If your hostess is also a gardener, they will definitely appreciate that great hand scrub you gifted them at the end of another long day in the dirt…

A few freshly dried bundles from your garden will be much preferred by the chefs in your life over the browned flavorless herb dusts from the grocery store… ~ Veronica Flores



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