The Townhall: On Being Grateful

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Hello Readers,


I see hints of fall coming everywhere and I am eagerly awaiting it to be here to stay. I can taste it in the air. I can feel it in the cooler breezes.

And even when it is still that ever so warm indian summer of Oklahoma, I am wishing fall to come anyways by wearing all my favorite fall attire, pulling out my favorite fall recipes, and yes ordering the beloved pumpkin spice latte.

Which, I must be growing old, because for the first time I found it to be sickeningly sweet. What is wrong with me? Am I starting to actually like the real taste of coffee? You see I have always been one that liked coffee with my cream and sugar… but I guess not so much anymore.

Anyways I digress, I hope you all are already enjoying or eagerly awaiting the loveliness of fall. In the meantime, I have some great finds for you and I apologize that they are late in coming out.

My new job in retail means sometimes I have to work weekends, and this just happened to be one of them, so I am behind in my days.

I chose this picture of a winding path, not only for its forlorn beauty, but also because it seems to be a perfect description of my life right now. Life right now is about walking a path where we know a curve is approaching, particularly in our Air Force life, but we don’t know yet where it will be taking us. It is really hard sometimes, knowing that that curve is approaching to not lose sight completely of the path that is left to walk between here and then. Sometimes it is just easier to focus on the horizon, willing and wishing it to get here faster. But as I learn over and over on my runs, it never actually does get here any quicker–it only comes closer one step at a time.

One way I am currently working on making those steps right now is through a gratitude journal. I am starting to keep one, and to try to write down every day just a few things I am grateful for. It helps me to recenter and to intentionally focus less on what I don’t have or wish I could have and instead remember all that I already do have in my life.

So in the spirit of being grateful and in light of the Townhall being a place to gather and share: here is what I have to share that touched me this week.


On Matters of Faith


Please Stop Telling Me I Can’t Criticize the Church

We know intrinsically that as members of the global community, the very treasure of our shared humanity often demands that we boldly speak truth to power;
to corrupt governments,
to maniacal political leaders,
to immoral business practices,
to human rights violations,
and to greed, inequality, and abuse of power wherever we see it.

If we stay silent in the face of these things, History teaches us that horrible stuff is allowed to fester and spread and grow stronger. We understand that silence equals participation; that the clear voices of good people can be a brilliant light streaking into the darkness and exposing all that is sick and sinister. ~ John Pavlovitz


Monkey’s Outside the Window

Sometimes we have to let go of the person we thought we’d be, of the relationship we thought would last forever, of the child we never wanted to grow up, of the dream job that never materialized, or the one we just retired from. Sometimes what we have to let go of is the idea that God’s going to fix everything up nicely real soon. In so much of this life we have to learn to let go of what might have been, to embrace what actually is. We have to learn to say, “Yes. And…” to the life God has laid before us. Not the one we wish had been or used to be. ~ Rev. Scott Walters


When Your Faith is Not a Christian Romance Novel

Jesus  — who he was, what he did, what that means for us — this remains so howlingly, achingly true that I can still feel it burning through me. But also? There is so much about what I imagined it meant to follow Him that just isn’t true. That never was.

And it doesn’t mean that I’m not a “God Lover.” It just means that I’ve learned how fragile, how tentative, how oft-failing my love for God is. In my Tired Thirties, I’m less interested in being a “God Lover,” more humbled by the fact that I am loved by God. That I am called Beloved. That no matter how I fail, I am still loved. ~ Addie Zierman


On Sex

Two Sex Talks: Purity Culture, Secular Culture, and a New Rhetoric

The purpose of this piece is not to accuse either purity or secular culture of being wholly bad, but rather to give a broad overview of the most harmful implications of each culture, and to explore a different rhetoric of our bodies and sexuality—one that emphasizes the humanity and dignity of men and women. ~ Rachel Asproth


On Women

An Instagram post from the President this week that was beautiful and inspiring.

“All of those women who came before us and risked everything for life, and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So often without notice. So often without fanfare. Their names never made the history books. All those women who cleaned somebody else’s house or looked after somebody else’s children or did somebody else’s laundry and then got home and did it again, and then went to church, cooked—then they were marching. And because of them, Michelle could cross that bridge, and because of them…Malia and Sasha could cross that bridge, and that tells me that if we follow their example, we’re gonna cross more bridges in the future. If we keep moving forward, hand in hand, God willing, my daughter’s children will be able to cross that bridge in an America that’s more free and more just and more prosperous than the one that we inherited. Your children will, too." —President Obama

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Military Life, Motherhood, and Grad School: Yes, You Can Do It All.

Be kind to yourself. As a military spouse, you are capable of juggling many competing priorities, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Be kind to yourself. There may be some activities you have to give up while pursuing your academic program. I had to reduce my volunteer hours and social activities. I often missed weekend events because I was working on school work. I had to learn to say “no” and prioritize what must get done, and what could wait. ~ Katie Sevant


On Being

A Tweet I loved.

I Learned to Understand Shame After Losing My Brother on 9/11

I thought of my brother and how I felt about myself after September 11. I didn’t feel that I did anything bad. I felt I was bad. It should have been me. Not him. I was helpless, scared, and weak and I didn’t feel deserving of love, connection, and belonging. I placed no value on myself, which led to depression and aggression. I would lock myself in my room for days and not come out. I got into more fights in a year than Gerry Cooney had in his entire boxing career and I typically lost. I wanted to lose. I wanted the pain knocked out of me. ~ Joe Quinn


What about you? What touched you? Who have you been following this week?


I hope to hear from you!