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Hello Readers,


I have lots of great finds for you this week! I hope this holiday weekend finds you all well and enjoying some time with family, friends, and loved ones. I know I have been.



This week’s voices and stories are brave, challenging, inspiring, and deep. Each one brings something to the table. I hope you find a treasure among them.


Words Worth Reading


To Separate Our Dreams from Others’ Fears

Inevitably, the society in which we live has a narrative about who we are. If it’s negative, it’s only when we challenge it that we can assert our worth. This frees us to accept that our potential is as boundless as our heart, and gives us permission to create a space in our life that is vibrant with possibilities. In reality, no matter what anybody says, our story is ever unfolding. ~ Sharon Salzberg


You Know They’re Laughing at Us, Right? On the Trivialization, Monetization & Humiliation of the Gospel

In the midst of a lot of messes out there and in us, the world’s laughing at us because: Christians grant all kinds of grace for one of their own men down —- but they cast all kinds of stones for anyone they look down their noses at —— anyone who doesn’t live like them, make choices like them, believe like them. ~ Ann Voskamp


A Dirt Path and the Beginning of Hope

I look back and see a girl trying very hard to hold it all together. I see a girl trying desperately to be on her best behavior for God, hoping He would let her mother live. I see a girl trying to set a good example for others, hoping that her anguish would serve a higher purpose, and therefore lose its sting. I see a girl trying to be polite about her pain, hoping that if she kept really quiet, if she didn’t complain, if she didn’t become bitter, then God might favor her. ~ Bethany Suckrow


What to do When You Think You’ve Lost Your Faith

But what do you do, when with all the sleepless wrestling and the furrowed-browed prayers and the ceaseless questions and the best-intended efforts, even that seems out of reach? What happens when the very reality of God (or of a God who is good) seems too much for you to claim ownership of? How do you keep going while in the middle of a full-blown spiritual collapse? ~ John Pavolitz


Preaching Gospel Love to Myself

I need a faith that floods my entire being with the truth of the goodness of God. I need to know it in my very bones that I am a beloved and cherished daughter of the Divine. I need to understand deep in my gut, that instinctual part of me, that the twists and turns of life are never God’s mean-spirited attempt to quench my spirit or hold me back. ~ Fiona Koefoed-Jespersen


Can a Black Man Talk About White Culture? An Open Letter to Critics

Structural racism is baked into America’s national psyche and behavior… We fumble in defining and identifying structural racism, so we are reluctant to acknowledge it. Even when structural racism is acknowledged, its ambiguity and enormity frighten us out of action. ~ Rich Benjamin


What the Church Must Learn from Josh Duggar

The church needs to teach that each person is made in the image of God, that your body right now is beautifully and wonderfully made. Nothing can change that. Nothing can change how worthy and wonderful God thinks you are, and nothing can change how much God loves you. By explaining to teens how amazing God’s creation is, and how amazing their sexuality is, we can empower teens to make good decisions about their bodies, and encourage them to respect the bodies and sexuality of their peers. ~ Abby Norman


Conservative Christians’ New Scare Word

The opposite of normalizing is marginalizing. It is maligning. It is sidelining. It is ostracizing. It is banishing. It is shunning. Make no mistake that this is what is being called for. To resist the normalization of LGBT couples means working to push them to the margins, outside of circles of respectability. ~ Jonathan Merritt



Words Worth Hearing


This week I managed to discover two great new podcasts. If you haven’t already discovered them, go add them! Their encouragement and love and life-giving words will only add incredible value to your life.


Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert

I am love, love, loving these Magic lessons. Call me obsessed, but I took a road trip this weekend and while driving I listened to every episode Liz Gilbert has recorded so far. They are seriously that good.


Dear Sugar Radio by Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed

Dear Sugar Radio was recommended to me by a reader via instagram! I was so glad they did too, as I loved this advice column gone podcast. These two authors and writers have taken to the air to start sharing their lives, love, and wisdom with us all. I hope you all find their take on life and love and relationships to be as encouraging and refreshing as I have.




Alright folks, thats all I have for now. I’ll see you back here in a couple of weeks with another roundup of voices.

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