Townhall Meetings

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This page shares a collection of the ongoing Townhall Posts. My Townhall Posts are my link-up, what-I’ve-been-into-lately posts.

You read of studies being conducted that show how social media is distancing relationships and breaking down connection, as people hide their lives behind screens portraying perfectly edited lives, words, and pictures.

Some people want to take the smart phones, the iPads, the tablets, the lap tops, the computers, the TV and runaway, wishing for a Mayberry life.

Maybe we all need that reminder somedays — to put down the technology, to get out and experience life, to embrace the ones we love, to slow down, to get outside and breathe in the air. But after the pause passes, after the vacation ends, life resumes and with it comes the digitized, technology-inundated life we all lead.

So instead of seeing the downside to the constant flow of information, social media interaction, and constant access to technology at my fingertips, I want to use it to bring us together. We all have our social media apps we check, or emails we read, or feeds we follow. We see them every day as we go throughout our lives from the time we get up till we plug our phones in to charge as we lay down at night.

So what better way to bring back connection, then to start here? Consider this like a big family dinner, or like a community pot luck, or as my inspiration — a small town town-hall meeting. But instead of voting on town events and sharing local gossip…


This is a place for communion. 

It’s a chance for me to share the treasures I found made up of what touched my heart, what challenged me, what brought tears to my eyes, what made me bust out laughing, what inspired me, what convicted me, what made me shout, what made my day…

It’s a chance for us to break the bread of life together and be lifted up.


This is a place of honor. 

These posts are found and highlighted in the effort to honor the gifts of others.

These posts are shared to give a platform to voices and stories of truth, grace, love, justice, and compassion.


This is a place where Life happens. 

These posts are for you to join in and share as well — to share a glimpse of life through your screen.

What inspired you?

What convicted you?

What fills up your inbox, your twitter feed, your Facebook feed, your blog feed?

What makes you laugh?

What makes you cry?

What makes you real?

It doesn’t have to be deep, or long, or inspired — it’s worth sharing if it means something to you.

Who do you want to give a platform to?

Who do you want to celebrate?

Who do you want to honor?