Being Brave — A Vision for the Future

Posted By Kallie C on Jun 11, 2014 | 0 comments

I have been working to build this website for a year now on the side amidst a very busy schedule.

It has been a dream of mine I have been mulling over and working to create on the rare occasion I had free time to do so. However with inspiration and dreams, I also have been battling great fear, anxiety, and insecurity. Doubting my vision, doubting my ability to write, doubting my motives, fearing the inspiration won’t last, fearing my motivation will be drowned in a sea of insecurity, wondering if the freedom of vulnerability will ever overcome my dread of scrutiny, criticism, and rejection… The emotions swirl around me like a cloak.

And yet, the time has come for me to be brave.


For those of you just stumbling on to my site, feel free to search around and learn about where I have come from and why I have started this site. I have also set up a Facebook page, and so with this being my first post linked to the Facebook Page I wanted to share a vision for what I plan to focus on writing.

This blog is a creative outlet for me to challenge myself to share about my passions, my spiritual journey, lessons learned, and stories lived. It is a place for me to practice being brave and vulnerable in sharing my own untold stories. In reading many of the bloggers I have come across with similar  backgrounds — my soul has been lifted time and again by their courage to put their heart and stories into words. My hope is to join in the effort and give back, even if only a fraction, the hope and comfort many other writers have given to me.


So practically what will this look like?


1. Old Material:

I have some blog posts that I have written over the last year that I am going to be posting over the next few weeks, that I have been saving up.


2. New Material:

One of my favorite pastimes is reading books, so I have been doing some research and was excited to happen upon Brian McLaren’s newly released book, “We Make the Road by Walking.”   I am intrigued by it’s format and the various topics it covers, so to give me some direction and discipline assistance with building consistency into writing for this website, I am going to do a weekly post in response to the chapter topics as I read through this book. This book for me from the glancing through I have done so far will challenge me to dig deeper and search for how to build an authentic faith and Christianity in today’s society, without being afraid of being honest about my own questions, doubts, and struggle to find God, faith, and spirituality again in a new way. 

I also plan on doing a weekly post on what I have been perusing, whether its news, organizations’ whose work I follow, fellow bloggers, videos I come across, challenging articles, etc. Many other bloggers refer to these posts as “What I’m Into,” or some other creative tagline — mine will be called Tuesday’s Town Hall. My inspiration for this is none other than Gilmore Girls and Hart of Dixie. Any other fans out there? I love each of these shows for different reasons, but both enjoy frequent scenes of small town hall meetings where the community gathers to share local gossip, events, problems, and more.

Stars Hollow Town Hall Meeting: Loralai loves them and Luke hates them.

So watch out for my first one next Tuesday!

3. Future Material

Beyond the above, I will be writing posts as I find topics to write about. I also hope to find guest writers to share in the future as well. This is a huge step for me, so bear with me as I find my bearings. For now I just want to get started…


To my husband, to my family, to my friends, to the authors, to the people in my life that have challenged me to put down the masks…

to dream…

to write…

to be brave… 

I dedicate this song to each of you.



Until Next Time,