A Townhall Survey — Reader Feedback Needed!

Posted By Kallie C on Jul 7, 2015 | 0 comments

Hey Readers,


To change things up a bit, today I have a quick little survey for you.


It is a short and super easy survey. Only 10 questions!


This survey will also benefit you as a reader, as these answers will really help me to know who is reading these posts and how to shape them in the future for what my audience truly takes the time to view and read.


So please take just a couple of mins to click on this and help me serve you better!

If you do you will be my favorite, except that its anonymous so I won’t know who “you” are, but whoever does answer will still be a favorite in my book. 🙂




Create your own user feedback survey


Lastly, join me on Thursday, for the final part of my series on Harmful Leadership and my personal reflections and encounter’s with Bill Gothard’s ministry growing up.

I promise it will be up for real this time! 😉


Until then!