A Plan for the Future — Untold Stories 2014 Summer Quarter Posting Schedule

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First off I just want to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you who has taken the time to stop by and check out my new blog. I have spent so long dreaming about this project that it now seems so surreal to check in every day and find that the seeds planted so long ago are finally peeking out of the ground. For those of you who have taken the time to comment, share a story, or give me feedback online or in person – it means so much to me. I am honored, humbled, and truly grateful.


This is not an easy journey for me. The fear of the unknown threatens me. My own insecurities taunt me. The sheer effort and discipline constant creativity require, much less the pressure to create something worth reading is heavy.


So being the list-maker, goal oriented person that I am – I know that in order to continue to build this project that I need some structure.


Structure helps me find a vision of where I am going.

Structure helps me to plan and target my research.

Structure will help me not to only rely on moments of inspiration, thus hopefully creating fewer days, where I stare at a blank word document asking myself “what the hell do I write today?”

Structure will hopefully build healthy habits of rest and discipline so that I help protect myself from burnout.


So tonight I got out a new journal and my Erin Condren calendar that I adore, and started to brainstorm.



Apparently my Cat Moka felt she needed to be in my creative brainstorming shot. Also Japanese erasable pens are seriously a must have for any writer out there.  


So what do I want to focus on for the rest of this quarter?


Here’s what I came up with:



Untold Stories 2014 Summer Quarter


The month of June:

  • Untold Stories begins
  • My Story
  • Seasons of Life Series
  • Introduction to Townhall Tuesdays
  • “We Make the Road” Book Discussion on Thursdays
  • Guest Post over at My Gay Agenda
  • Most Popular Post: What if I Roar
  • Homeschooling Series


June Weekly Posting Schedule (From Here on Out):

–       Monday – Blog Admin, Vision, or Homeschooling Series

–       Tuesday – Townhall Tuesday Posts

–       Wednesday – Special Post

–       Thursday – We Make the Road Discussion

–       Friday – Homeschooling Series


The Month of July

  • Finding Feminism: A new series on rediscovering the meaning of feminism and the heritage Feminists of ages past passed on to us today.
  • America the Beautiful – History Forgotten. A new series looking at some Untold Stories of America’s past, to shed light on our present and give hope for a more beautiful future.
  • Tuesday Townhall’s Continue
  • We Make the Road Discussion Continues


July Weekly Posting Schedule:

–       Tuesday – Townhall Tuesday Posts

–       Wednesday – Finding Feminism Series

–       Thursday – We Make the Road Discussion

–   Saturday  – American the Beautiful – History Forgotten Series


The Month of August

  • Who is My Other? A new series looking outwards to learn from others we encounter. Other Faiths. Other Races. Other Countries. Other Cultures.
  • Finding Feminism Continues
  • Tuesday Townhall’s Continue
  • We Make the Road Discussion Continues


August Weekly Posting Schedule:

–       Tuesday – Townhall Tuesday Posts

–       Wednesday – Finding Feminism Series

–       Thursday – We Make the Road Discussion

–     Saturday – Who is My Other? Series


Preview of next quarter:

  • A new series on nonprofit organizations making a difference and social justice (No Title Yet)
  • Untold Stories from a Military Spouse: A new series featuring my heart, my life, and an inside look at the Spouses who serve and support our Armed Forces.


I am so excited to get started on this plan. Call me strange, but when it comes to researching, reading, and discovering new resources and material – I love it. You will also notice my weekly posting schedule leaves me with the weekend off — this is time I am purposely building in for me each week to rest, ponder, research, meditate, and focus on my family. This is not a hard set rule, as I am sure some weekends I will be checking in some via Facebook and Twitter, while other weekends I will be embracing silence. Another goal of mine is to find some guest writers for the Feminism Series and the Untold Stories of a Military Spouse Series. (If you are interested in writing, feel free to contact me here!)


So with that said, before I dive in to the rest of this week, I would love to hear from all of you!


Feedback Needed:


  1. Which series are you most interested in and why?

  2. Do you have a question, author, blogger, or resource in connection with that series topic you would like me to feature or look into?

  3. For the month of June: What post spoke the most to you and why?

  4. For the month of July: Does anyone have a title suggestion for the nonprofit/social justice series, or an organization suggestion, or a social justice cause or issue you would like me to look into? 

  5. For the future: Do you have any books, topic, or a series suggestion you would like to see me do here on the blog next quarter?


Ultimately to grow the dream I have in my heart and to create a community of storytellers – I need to hear from you. I greatly value any feedback you have to share, whether it is positive or constructive.


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!