A Military Mom’s Journey to Working Motherhood

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Today, I am so excited to be sharing over at Thrive Momma!

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For my readers who are working moms or for those considering being one in the future, Elaine McGhee is a wonderful writer, life coach, and blogger whose work you should definitely check out. The community she is building through her work at Thrive Momma has been a gift for me and I am honored to have this opportunity to share some of my journey.



Many women my age grew up riding the coattails of second wave feminism that brought more women into the workforce and made significant gains for today’s working mothers. I however grew up in a rural, county in Texas in a conservative culture that thrived on the anti-feminism pushback of the late 80s and 90s. In fact, feminism might as well have been a swear word where I grew up. On the rare occasion it was ever used, I remember most spit it out distastefully, followed by diatribes against its proponents as being awful women who hated men and threatened the highest feminine calling – that of being a wife and mother.

As children we tend to move through the world observing, absorbing, and parroting the views and ideas of those we are most closely surrounded by. For me, my entire worldview, for the first 18 years of life, was largely formed in a conservative, Protestant church culture and an insular homeschooling community promoting very strictly defined roles for women.

It has taken me ten plus years of struggling to find my way as a woman, young adult, wife, and now a working mother to fully realize the deep impact that growing up in this culture had on me.

Despite everything I was raised to be, life instead has given me the opportunity to swim upstream.


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